JavaScript Overview

Welcome to JavaScript Tutorial in this tutorial you are going to learn What is Script?, Why Script?, Script Advantages?, Script DisAdvantages?, Difference between Scripts?, How many types of Scripts existed?, What are the Characteristics of Script?, Client Side-Scripting & Server-Side Scripting?

What is Script?

The term “Scripting Language” is also used loosely to refer to dynamic high-level general-purpose language, such as JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, and Python, with the term “script”.

Scripting Languages are becoming increasingly popular as web – based applications are emerging.

Increasing computer performance over the past few years has also encouraged an increase in scripting language power and sophistication.

Advantages Of Scripting Languages:

Easy to learn and use.

Less server interaction

Minimum programming Knowledge or experience required.

Allow to perform complex tasks in relatively few steps.

In a variety of text editors, allow for simple creation and editing.

Allow dynamic and interactive activities to be added to web pages.

Editing and running code is fast.

DisAdvantages Of Scripting Languages:

Because of code executes on the user’s computer, in some cases it can be exploited for malacious purposes.(Security Issues)

Not always able to work across different browsers. (inconsistant)

Types Of Scripts

Scripts are classified into the following two types :

Client Side Scripts

Server Side Scripts

Client Side Scripts

The Script Which is running within the browser is called as client side scripting.

Example :



jQuery(JavaScript Library)

AngularJS(JavaScript Framework)


Server Side Scripts

The script running on the web server is called side scripting.

Example :

ASP — IIS(Internet Inforamation Services)

JSP — Tomcat/Sun Java System Web Server

PHP — Apache

W3C — Jigsaw Serveretc…

Difference between Scripting language and Programming Language

Scripting Languages

Interpreted based (Read Line By Line)

Implicit Declaration of data types

Limited Support for Application Development

Limited Support for Graphics Design or Game(s) Development

Easily Integrated with other Technologies

Programming Language

Compiler based

Explicit Declaration of data types

Rich Support for Application Development

Rich Support for Graphics Design or Game(s) Development

Difficult to integrate with Other Technologies